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Professional IT Services Provider who understands the value of your time. Advisers you can trust who deliver the best solutions for your business needs.

TechKnowligence offers high quality IT solutions and services for your business.

Our Service offerings encompass the monitoring, management, protection and provision of technical support for our clients. All services are proactive with forward thinking enterprise-class decision making.
We offer a complete array of IT services to efficiently manage most information technology functions:
  • Server virtualization / cloud migration
  • Performance-based management with guaranteed uptime
  • HaaS (Hardware as a Service) solutions
  • Server administration
  • Network administration
  • Firewall security
  • Remote management and support
  • VPN / Remote office connectivity
  • Telecommuting solutions
  • Network audits for security risks / exposure

Customized Technology Services & Virtual CIO Services

Require in-depth technology assistance? TechKnowligence can customize any level of support to meet your needs.

Whether you need fractional CIO assistance, or a major systems implementation, we can provide the high quality resources you require. Examples of these services include:
  • Executive Technology Leadership
  • Strategic & Tactical IT Planning
  • Systems Architecture
  • Applications Evaluation & Implementation
  • IT Project Management

Change Tech Support Now!

Thankfully you’re on your way to making a great decision for your business! You found your way here because you’re intrigued about why you should change your tech support vendor.

You’re not alone – one thing we’ve found common to many business owners is they wouldn’t say they “love” their tech support company. Businesses tolerate their current provider and assume IT support is a necessary evil to survive in business today. That’s certainly true if you’re not a partner with TechKnowligence. We view the role of IT as an enabler to the business process. Technology needs to work (all the time) – your time is very valuable and you need the confidence that you won’t have to wait for support.

The tools and technology TechKnowligence uses ensures that we proactively monitor your systems 24x7x365 – we leverage off-hour time windows to manage and update your computers remotely without requiring your time. Wherever in the world your business takes you, we can provide near INSTANT remote support to help remedy whatever problem / concern you encounter. When your computer is connected to the internet, it maintains a secure, encrypted connection to our private servers to constantly monitor the health of your system.

If you’re tired of the typical break-fix approach to managing your network infrastructure and want to partner with a trusted resource to champion your technology needs – you need to call TechKnowligence!

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