Reasons to love working here

TechKnowligence is a great place to work for primarily due to the a combination of having an excellent product, great customers, true collaboration between our team and ownership. This recipe makes it easy to maintain a positive attitude that translates to great customer service - while also being encouraged to do our best work. As a team, we have a strong work ethic with a common drive and accountability for our integrity. We work in a decentralized atmosphere, while also routinely keeping in touch and having every-other-week team meetings.

  • Delivering a great product and service
  • Work : Life Balance
  • Awesome client relationships
  • Employee input valued by ownership
  • Being valued and appreciated

Company History

Company is born


Out of humble beginnings and a great deal of faith, we become a company of “one” – knowing the key to sustainability is slow growth, focused on quality service delivery

Survived our first 24 months


90% of businesses fail within 12 months; only 1 out of 4 survive their first 24 months – to God be the glory!

Customers love us!!!


Continuing to grow while keeping our product excellent – we find our customers remain very happy with our services.

Second full-time employee


Yielding to the notion that God has bigger things in store for us, we trust Him to grow our business beyond a one-man enterprise.

Technical Services Team Grows


Continuing to focus on sustainable, slow growth, we emphasize quality over quantity and round out our services delivery team with the needed technical expertise to refine our processes.

8 year anniversary


Unlike many others, we celebrate 8 years – only 50% of new businesses make it to 5 years; of the tiny fraction left only 33% survive to their 10th anniversary.

Office relocation


Moving our office location strategically located to provide better convenience for our employees while ease of access to major highways ensures we can be onsite quickly when needed. In preparation of our expansion West, we wanted a location that was the best fit for our existing staff and client base.

Our Team

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Back Office @ TechKnowligence
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