TechKnowligence provides IT solutions, server support and network management for small business.  Our attention to detail is packaged with an adept understanding of the impact within the organization / overall business process.  We are results-driven professionals, with a proven ability to work successfully under pressure in a variety of conditions – always maintaining the highest degree of ethical standards.

Services we provide:
  • Server virtualization / cloud migration
  • Performance-based management with guaranteed uptime
  • HaaS (Hardware as a Service) solutions
  • Server administration
  • Network administration
  • Firewall security
  • Remote management and support
  • VPN / Remote office connectivity
  • Telecommuting solutions
  • Network audits for security risks / exposure
Managed Services for Technology

Managed Services for Technology is the monitoring, remote management, protection and provision of technical support for your small business. All these services are proactive and holistic with forward thinking enterprise-class decision making and recommendations for new technology.

Our proactive monitoring builds-in 24×7 monitoring with alerts, which trigger escalation procedures and problem resolution. Alerts to common issues can trigger a scripted response then re-test to verify problem resolution.

For example, a routine system monitor detects the virus definitions are out date possibly from an auto-update failure, a scripted response would automatically rerun the auto-update request. Then test the virus definition file again and either close the alert or escalate the ticket for further resolution.

As such, common service requests that could monopolize valuable time are reduced to a minimum, freeing up support personnel to focus on more complex issues.

Typical Responsibilities & Priorities:
  • Primary responsibility for network connectivity / functionality and phone system support
  • Delivering proactive management of systems (patch management, software updates, disk maintenance tasks, etc.) which are scheduled during off-hours
  • Vendor Management through the understanding of your environment will be quickly engaged with precise accuracy to resolve problems
  • Intimate knowledge of the organizational structure and business operations will provide rapid prioritization of other activities to resolve any complications
  • Some services provided have previously been performed by in-house IT support staff with inconsistent results. Our toolset will facilitate timely and consistent responses to threats as they emerge – freeing up existing staff to focus on their core competency.
  • System Updates / Patches
  • Virus Definitions Up-to-Date
  • Event Log Management / Response
  • Customized ROI Reporting

Executive reporting will be provided demonstrating systems under management, patch status, total tickets issued / resolved on a monthly basis. In addition, bandwidth and utilization information can be exported for historical understanding of usage and determination of environment changes.

Response Time and Expectations

Our response will always be delivered in a timely fashion according to the severity of the problem (balanced with the overall impact to the organization). Notifications will always be delivered via email to the effected user and the local IT staff.

Managed Services Pricing
  • Single location small office from $500/ month
  • Multiple location office with 20 employees from $2,500 / month
  • Contact us for a more specific proposal – or assess your current provider
Out of Scope work

Any work beyond the defined scope will be classified as project work and billed at the daily rate (in half-day increments) with expenses billed on a time / materials basis. As an example, office-moves from one building to another or complete network topology redesigns should be considered out of scope. Should the need arise, the edges of the scope can be adjusted over time, protecting your expectations and our client satisfaction.

Managing Technology with Knowledge & Intelligence