FTE to fractional outsourcing of help desk

A 50+ person company was looking to replace their internal full-time employee (FTE) that strictly provided level-1 helpdesk functions with another FTE hire. An introduction was made to TechKnowligence and we showed the client the value in hiring a MSP to take over their helpdesk needs - in addition to gaining new management tools, software and expertise all for less than the cost of their previous employee.

Transitioning from a FTE to a MSP isn't always a costs savings measure, but in this case it was a major win:win!

The client gained:

  • Technical expertise and depth not previously accessible
  • Software savings by relinquishing subscriptions for bundled services
  • Additional management control and insight through our toolset
  • Greater internal client satisfaction through rapid response and quicker resolution times
  • long road to outsourcing