Why do we do// what we do?

We believe in delivering excellent IT support, which benefits our client's daily lives as we make their technology more reliable, robust and problem-free than before our arrival.  By connecting personally with our clients, relating to them and truly caring about their well being we have a vested interest in their day to day existence with technology.  We believe God has gifted each of us with talents and abilities and ours happens to be "all things technology" - and we use those skills to bless others. Lots of businesses will tell you what they do or how they do it - but why we do what we do is our most important value.

Because we <em>WANT</em> to!

Work : Life or WorkLife?

People talk about work : life balance - especially in small companies, where it's more of a goal than a reality. But what if the life you're trying to bring into balance is full of chaos? What if work is your life?

Dealing in technology can be all consuming - patching, scanning, troubleshooting at all hours. Sure, the work can all be done remotely in off-hours, but clients have problems during business hours... burning candles at both ends.

Expect Change

Life happens and when dealing with technology, "life" happens a lot. So we're prepared to adapt and be flexible, yet react with tenacity and focus to find the best resolution as quick as possible. We also realize that technology is supposed to make people more productive.

But when you're utterly dependent on technology to work right so you can be productive and things go horribly wrong, we believe our God given talents show up to identify the problem, work the solution, be gracious about our attitude and remember that our client's bottom line is impacted every minute until we can fix the problem.

Nobody's Perfect

We recognize that only one person ever was or ever will be perfect (hint: Jesus). Because of this fact, we operate our business with an extra measure of grace in the way we treat each other and how we deal with unhappy customers. Since we manage technology - rarely do we ever get a "hey guys, stuff is running awesome... thanks!" -- but when (not if) something goes wrong with IT we can hear an earful. Ultimately, we serve a mighty God and believe He calls us to work with the highest integrity and value.

So now what?  The choice is yours….