Since IT has become more of a commodity are all MSPs the same?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are all the rage right now (actually the past few years) and often, they all start to look and sound the same. There’s a reason for this… most MSPs are using the same universe of RMM tools to remotely monitor and manage their client’s technology. Then they track all the work they do with one of 3 main PSA tools for support tickets / time tracking / customer management / etc.

Since most MSPs realize that they can’t do everything themselves in their own small business, they outsource various functions like marketing and sales efforts. Furthermore, a handful of providers are doing appointment setting, outbound telemarketing, website content, newsletters and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts – no wonder they all start to look & sound the same!

To top it off, most of them are partnered with the same group of providers for things like hosted email servers / cloud solutions / hardware / licensing – at virtually identical pricing tables.

So how do you choose one MSP over another? What sets them apart?

Honestly – not much differentiates the other guys from each other. That’s fine, to some extent the more folks working towards a common set of goals, the better off everyone can be — resources and approaches can be standardized, tools can be aligned to meet the needs of the masses and voices can all be rolled together and heard.

However, not ALL MSPs are the same – WE ARE THE EXCEPTION!