Interviewed for our take on SEO work

Recently, we were interviewed about our thoughts on SEO. Below is an excerpt from that story:

How is your Small Business using SEO? What worked? What would you have done differently?

Donny McIver – www.techknowligence.com I own a small IT services business, where we manage / administer / secure networks, servers and computers for small businesses of 5 – 35 employees in the Dallas, TX area. I have found several things effective on SEO efforts– and learned by burning through a lot of money on what not to do.

*Successful approach:*
— Google Ad Words – by far the best reporting and most functional as compared to several other equally priced alternatives
— Beyond the obvious no-brainer items like picking good key words and using realistic bids I have found narrowing your focus helps – make sure the ad (and target / landing page) correlates to the keywords being used. Make several campaigns accordingly.
— Use a geo-minded focus — so you limit the ad display by target audience zip code / city location / etc
— I have also limited the time of day display to correlate when I expect my target audience to be on-line and searching for my services instead of 24-hours / day

*Unsuccessful approach:*
— set it and forget it — you need to check in at least weekly to adjust your bids, keywords and targets
— be very careful about the “other display networks” — all the ad engines have their own flavor, but speaking to Google… once they purchased AdMob (mobile advertising on smart phones)

— if you weren’t careful on your target placement, you’d find out how quick you can burn your ad budget by a bunch of accidental click-throughs from smart phones.