Customer thank you note

We’ve recently collected some great praises from current clients – and we look forward to displaying those in a new portfolio which will also highlight the challenges, solutions and scope of our work for these clients.

Daily, we are thankful for the relationships we have with ALL of our clients.  We work hard to earn their trust and value the relationships we have made – they view our employees as an extension of their company, really like one of their own employees.  When we establish a working relationship with a new client, we explain that we take ownership of their technology environment (for better or worse) and partner with them to improve the landscape.

Often times, in the first 2 or 3 months we uncover many latent concerns and bring those to the business owner’s attention.  This can be especially true when their technology has only been maintained with reactive support (e.g. only fixing things when they break, no preventative maintenance or proactive approach in place).

Our perspective on that is for a different day / post — the intention here, was simply to say THANK YOU to all of our clients!