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How is your Small Business using SEO? What worked? What would you have done differently?

Here’s an excerpt from our contribution to an article on Search Engine Optimization experiences from small business owners.

*Successful approach:* – Google Ad Words – by far the best reporting and most functional as compared to several other equally priced alternatives – Beyond the obvious no-brainer items like picking good key words and using realistic bids I have found narrowing your focus helps – make sure the ad (and target / landing page) correlates to the keywords being used. Make several campaigns accordingly. – Use a geo-minded focus — so you limit the ad display by target audience zip code / city location / etc – I have also limited the time of day display to correlate when I expect my target audience to be on-line and searching for my services instead of 24-hours / day *Unsuccessful approach:* – set it and forget it — you need to check in at least weekly to adjust your bids, keywords and targets – be very careful about the “other display networks” — all the ad engines have their own flavor, but speaking to Google… once they purchased AdMob (mobile advertising on smart phones) – if you weren’t careful on your target placement, you’d find out how quick you can burn your ad budget by a bunch of accidental click-throughs from smart phones. – The Buzz Revolution

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